37th Annual Winter Regional Meet January 21st - 24th, 2015

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The Florida Chapter is happy to announce the change of location of our Winter Regional Event from Old Town, Kissimmee, Florida to a site in Lakeland, Florida.  The move from Old Town was due to the loss of acreage adjoining Old Town Property that for many years was leased and Old Town lost their lease on this property. Without that property our event could not be housed in the remaining space at Old Town. Unfortunately the choice was to scramble to find a new location within a reasonable distance of Old Town or shut the event down and we chose to continue the event.  Finding a location in the tourist district that is both affordable and has lots of green space is impossible and we had to reach out a little further to insure a long term solution and the survival of the event.  


The new site is going to be in Lakeland, Florida at the Linder Regional Airport site of the SUN N FUN Fly in.  This site successfully houses that event every year and brings in over 200,000 people each year to this facility.  This New venue brings with it plenty of vending space, parking space, all Corvette Parking Space, inside judging space for NCRS judged cars, fly in opportunities for small aircraft, on site RV space, adjoining secure trailer parking, plenty of meeting space and will be substantially easier to secure. The new show site amenities far outweigh any location short comings.


Changing an event of this size is a huge undertaking for anyone, but to have to do it within 6 months of the event is substantially more challenging.   When you have an event this large that has operated very successfully for 36 years, you have many considerations regarding the future of the event and the biggest question is will the site chosen being able to accommodate the event for many  years to come. This site chosen meets that requirement extremely well.


The biggest downside to this location is that all Hotels are a minimum of 2 miles away and there are no big hotels, but most National Brands are offered and most were willing to discount rates to offer to Corvette people coming into the area. We have attached the listing of Hotels and there telephone numbers for you to contact. The Chamber and Visitors Bureau will be acting as a clearinghouse for area hotels and will monitor the availability and there number is listed at the top of the hotel inventory page.  If new area lodging is problematic you can keep your reservations at the Old Location in the Old Town area and the drive to the new location is 36 miles away.  A lot of the Old Town 192 Hotels serve as overflow lodging to the Sun N Fun Event in the spring time.


We want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone on the hotel side and it will take time for people to adjust to the location and lodging situation. Hopefully by next year a new hotel will be built on site and will improve as we adjust to our new home.


I want to assure everyone that the Florida Chapter has made every effort to make this transition as easy as possible for the participants and we ask for your patience in helping us with the site change.

Ed Augustine, Meet Chairman

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